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Robust, large-capacity reel for long distance fishing. It is a perfect choice for all carp anglers who are looking for a fully featured, large, serious quality and reliable reel in a lower price range. The solid and durable body made from the graphite alloy is fitted with a massive worm gear and nine shielded stainless steel bearings. The braking system allows a very fast and precise adjustment within a half turn of the front nut. Big diameter spools provide a long winding length (more than 1m) per one turn of the handle. The eccentric handle knob ensures an extremely stable and comfortable grip. There are the spare spools available in three different capacities from shallow to extremely deep (supplied separately).
750 m / 0,30 mm (available separately)
Spool Capacity size 6000270 m / 0,30 mm
720 m / 0,30 mm (available separately)
NoteDelivered with spool 6000
Ball bearings8+1
Gear ratio4,5:1