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All power stations are NOT the same! The Power Station Hardcore is a uniquely designed, multifunctional charger, compact in size and low in weight. It is powered by industrial LiPol cells with total capacity 222 Wh. It allows direct charging of tablets or mobile phones from two available USB (5 V / 2.1 A) ports. But, unlike any other power stations, allows DIRECT charging for most laptops. Simply choose the correct interchangeable plug (supplied), set the correct voltage (the same as the voltage provided by your standard laptop charger) and away you go. No more carrying around your laptop’s transformer pack. Plus, of course, there is a standard cigarette lighter type 12 V / 13 A socket on board too. The Power Station Hardcore even offers a light on one end, solid or flashing, in both white and red colours. Complete with a neoprene pouch, AC adaptor and car adaptor for charging.

Technical features:

Weight:               1580grams

Size                       220x125x44mm

Capacity              222Wh

12V / 18500mAh

5V / 44400mAh



1x car socket                     12V / 13A           

2x USB port                        5V / 2.4A            

Laptop charging:              12V / 16V / 19V / 21V / 3.5A     


White light

output power                   4W

max lighting time             50hr


Red light             

output power                   1W

max lighting time             200hr


Power adapters included                            

adapter (EU plug)            110 – 240V => 15V/ 2A

12V car adapter               12V => 15V / 2A

number of pieces in package1
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